• Light
    is project

The invisible
reveals the visible.


Light transparency and architecture.

Light creates architecture. Depending on how it gets lighted, an architectural space changes its shape completely. Lighting engineering consists in the knowledgeable positioning of the most suitable light sources, depending on the spacial and materic characteristics of the areas, to create contrasts and light-and-shade effects. Even before providing lighting equipment, we design and develop lighting systems for the particular architecture, the exteriors and the urban spaces.

Light: Luminosity
and lightness


Penta Architectural moulds light

The concept of “light” encompasses and blends two meanings: luminosity and lightness. Light cannot be touched, it cannot be picked up or gripped, it is impalpable; it can be seen but not touched, more than “light”, it is ethereal. When light disappears, so does matter. Any building, any architectural space, disappears and loses its physicality when darkness falls. When there is light, everything seems well defined, volumes take shape, come to life and assume their full meaning.

This is why lighting engineering becomes an integral part of an architectural project: in this sector Penta Architectural stands as a guarantee of professionalism. We know-how to operate in a fundamental and unobtrusive way, leaving light to play the leading role together with the atmosphere and the architecture.

We discreetly illuminate
your ideas.

Penta Architectural’s LED lighting adapts to any surface. Nowadays we can light increasingly expanding areas, adapting all aspects of lighting to our clients requirements, all with ever reduced consumption. With LED lighting all types of areas can be lit, from home to office, from industrial contexts to retail outfits and through to exteriors, adapting light to all possible requirements. Avant-garde lighting engineering solutions are obtained thanks to the flexibility of Penta Architectural products that also respect the role played by lighting in everyday life: better lighting is synonymous with better quality of life and safety.

The new light frontier:
LED lighting.

LED technology has revolutionised the lighting engineering world in the last decade and is presently in full evolution, overtaking the traditional sources of light in almost all the sectors in which they are applied, in terms of lighting efficiency, consumption, reliability and performance. Every collection of LED strips, profiles, controls, power supplies, spot lights and Penta Architectural industrial lamps, is created through constant and in-depth study.

A painstaking work of research, analysis, designing and advanced technology, combined with the enthusiasm and specific experience in the lighting sector, make it possible for absolute harmonisation between light and architecture to be reached.

The main led

+ Enhanced lighting efficiency.
+ Longevity: the durability of the LEDs’ service life is generally much greater (50,000 hours) than that of normal globes.
+ Energy-saving: reduced consumption.
+ Environmental advantages: they are manufactured from non-toxic materials and are recyclable.
+ Photobiological safety.
+ Colour: complete colour spectrum, bright, deep colours.
+ Long-lasting: they require no maintenance and are able to withstand impacts, vibrations and extreme temperatures.