Corner 20 profile 20x20

Corner 13 profile

Corner 12 profile

Corner is an anodised aluminium profile available in three sizes: Corner 12 (12x12 mm), Corner 13 (13x13 mm) and Corner 20 (20x20 mm). Corner backside is free of grooves: this makes it both functional for the fixing and aesthetically pleasing. Corner is the right solution for illuminating under cabinets and showcases because it allows you to direct the luminous flux. Corners 12, 13 and 20 mount a flat screen with an emission angle of 45°; Corners 12 and 20 mount an angle screen which directs the beam angle for a "square effect". Corners 12 and 13 accommodate strips with a maximum width of 7.5 mm for a rated power of 12 W/m; Corner 20 accommodates 12 mm strips for a rated power of 20 W/m.

  • Ceiling
  • Wall applications
Cable exits & resins
  • Resin and cover

Profile and components

Corner 13 profile 13x13

Clear flat cover

Flat frosted cover

WARNING! For this profile, the side of the power cable outlet needs to be specified: L or R.

End caps: with hole (F), without hole (SF)

End cap kit for Corner 13 flat


Magnet + plate kit
Mounting clip kit
Magnet kit for metallic structures